iSandBOX managed to receive much more insights with JTBD than with CustDev


JTBD workshop
Продукт: JTBD Марафон


How did you know about us?

– I found out about the workshop just before Christmas when I saw a post on Instagram. I was sure that it’s the place where I can diversify my skills and learn how to help customers to achieve their goals.

To learn how to make JTBD Interview, to find customer needs and to help customers to achieve their goals
Why did you decide to join The JTBD workshop?

– We work in the Education sphere and promote STEM in preschool, school and museums. It is of great importance for us to accurately determine the motives, goals and restrictions of both teachers, school principals and parents to deliver the products which lead to a better future for the kids all over the world.
What was the main benefit of The JTBD workshop?

– JTBD workshop helped to look at all the information we got from our partners and customers from another prospective and systematize this knowledge. Earlier, we have tried CustDev many times but we always had the impression that it’s lacking. Once we tried the JTBD interview, we managed to receive much more insights.
The place to diversify my skills and learn how to help customers to achieve their goals.
What would you like to notice in The JTBD workshop organization?

– I like how the workshop was organized but what was most significant for me is that we scrutinized many real cases of the participants, including mine. I think that’s what differs this workshop from the others I have heard of. I would love to take other workshops of this team in future.