Stay ahead of the market with repeatable process of creating in-demand products
Launch your own Growth & Discovery Team with our step-by-step frameworks in 4 weeks
on your growth challenges
Who can benefit?
Operational businesses
Product teams
Marketing teams
Our trainings
Learn how to discover non-obvious customer needs to create in-demand products through 10-20 JTBD interviews in a month
Learn how to grow your product performance and sales through hypotheses testing by a Growth Team in a month
JTBD Strategy Training
Growth Scrum Training
MAY 19, 2022
Value $690
MAY 18, 2022
Value $690
Our team setup programs and coaches

Growth Team or Discovery Setup is a one-on-one coaching job with your
team of 2 to 4 people online with a monthly fee.
Growth Team Setup

Launch a Growth Team and start testing 10+ product and marketing hypotheses per week in one month with the support of a Growth Scrum certified coach, guaranteed. In the first three months, you're sure to hack key performance product metrics.

What is included in support?
Growth Scrum framework fundamentals

Conducting Growth Meetings
Recommendations for staffing the team
Generating breakthrough hypotheses for your project
Assistance in setting up analytics
Always on call to remove any constraints in the growth process
Growth Team Coach

Yuri Drogan

Portugal - Lisbon

#GrowthHacking #GrowthScrum

Author of the Growth Scrum practice. Serial IT entrepreneur, business angel, launched several incubators and acceleration programs. Yuri has organized series of courses and corporate training programs, where he has trained companies in Growth Hacking and Jobs-to-be-done over 3000 participants.

Discovery Team Setup
Launch a Discovery Team and find non-obvious customer needs to create in-demand products in one month with the support of a JTBD Strategy certified coach, guaranteed. Build a detailed product, marketing strategy for a new product in 3 months.
What is included in support?
JTBD Strategy framework fundamentals
Assistance for conducting JTBD interviews

Assistance in analyzing JTBD interviews
Identifying customer needs together with the team
Building product and marketing strategies
Always on call to remove any constraints in the research process

Growth Team Coach

  • Artem Eremenko
    Israel - Tel Aviv
    Expert in Jobs To Be Done, ex-head of JTBD custom research. More than 20 studies for mobile operators, banks, retailers, dating services and startups. An expert in strategic development. Certified Design Sprint facilitator.
  • Nikolay Susolkin
    UAE - Dubai
    Jobs To Be Done expert. Trained more than 30 teams in JTBD methodology. Head of Startup Acceleration Department.
Ready to launch a Growth or Discovery Team ?
Let's meet for 30 minutes on a video call, you tell us your objectives, and we'll tell you what result to guarantee from acceleration in your case. is a business academy for startups and corporations hungry for multiple growth. Our proprietary methodologies will enable you to create a clear and ambitious strategy using JTBD Strategy and quickly implement it using Growth Hacking framework Growth Scrum. We have launched hundreds of Discovery Teams using the JTBD Strategy methodology and Growth Teams using the Growth Scrum methodology.
Corporate training in your company
IF you’ve travelled the journey of most companies and have been trying to transform for years. IF several executives have already made different transformations, this has led to minor changes. IF you've noticed that the market is moving faster than you’re developing and nobody no longer needs your new products. IF you’ve realized that you can’t test hypotheses quickly without professional help. IF you answered YES to at least one of the "IFs", then we know how to help you and ensure that your business grows many times over. In less than 6 months, you’ll have a sustainable process for testing the performance multiple growth hypothesis for your digital products