Discover and leverage customer needs to create in-demand products
in 3-6 months
Jobs To Be Done methodology: the world’s most powerful innovation process for companies of any size
You will learn the JTBD research algorithm in order to take a new research method into your project
  • Find value proposition earlier than competitors with Jobs To Be Done
  • Based on accurate data, develop a marketing strategy that resonates in the minds of your customers
  • Get a product strategy based on customer’s jobs and develop features that will definitely be in demand
Why choose us?
  • 150 discovery teams launched in small, medium companies, and large enterprises

  • We have delivered 30% to 300% growth in awareness and acquisition metrics across finance, telecoms, groceries and hospitality sectors with Jobs To Be Done

  • We helped increase first purchase conversion and retention rates by 40-250% for our clients thanks to the insights found during the Jobs To Be Done research process

  • We empower all of our customers for long-term growth by training and installing repeatable processes in Growth Hacking, Jobs to be done, OKR, and more in a few short months

Your first 3 steps to create in-demand products

  • 1
    Start with 16 hours of online or offline training for your teams on Jobs to be done
  • 2
    Get C-level and senior management buy-in any executive version Jobs To Be Done training
  • 3
    Up to 8 support sessions to get your teams setup and delivering your first Jobs To Be Done iterations
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Jobs To Be Done Training Schedule
Week 1
Week 1
  • Vision of the project: how will the process, customer, market change with the advent of your product?
  • What to rely on in product development? Evolution of approaches
  • Introduction to JTBD: 10 Basic Principles
  • The Core Job is the central element of the JTBD research
  • The Forces of progress: drivers for switching from one product to another and how to use them to Attract Customers
Week 1
Week 1
Practice with expert support
  • We put forward hypotheses of the Core Jobs
  • For each The Core Job, we assume switching forces
  • We choose a “candidate for dismissal” whose clients we will interview
Week 2
Week 2
  • JTBD Interview: Structure According to Switch Timeline
  • 7 Principles for Conducting and Analyzing JTBD Interviews
  • Sources of Recruitment and Selection Criteria for Interview Candidates
Week 2
Week 2
Practice with expert support
  • We adapt interview questions for your project
  • We create a legend for entering the interview and plan the motivation for candidates to participate in it
  • We build a funnel of candidates for interviews
Week 3
Week 3
  • Micro jobs as components of the Core Job and their format
  • The Universal Job Map to organize Micro jobs
  • The Desired Outcomes as measure of successful product performance
  • The breadth of product coverage of Micro jobs: how to become synonymous with the job
Week 3
Week 3
Practice with expert support
  • We determine the mistakes of conducting and analysis in the first two interviews
  • “Extracting” insights on micro jobs/desired outcomes, as well as switching forces
Week 4
Week 4
  • Market Map: Two Scales as Criteria for Customers' Choice of Products
  • 5 competitive strategies: which one to choose?
Week 4
Week 4
Practice with expert support
  • We start to create marketing strategy
  • We start to create competitive and product strategy

Who can benefit?

Jobs To Be Done methodology - the research of consumer preferences through the study of customer jobs that must be completed by "hiring" products. It allows you to develop growth strategy aligning sales, marketing, product development, "market to enter" discovery
The course is mandatory for founders, executives, and product managers, as well as for marketers. We recommend supplementing it with the Growth Scrum course.
You have an idea for a product or service, and you want to understand its relevance before making any serious investments.
JTBD will allow you to understand which customer jobs to be done by product in the first place, and which can be postponed, what expectations the client has to reflect them in marketing campaigns
You believe in your new business idea, but you need to create a product roadmap and marketing plan.
The customers' jobs discovery will allow, without reference to the product, to understand the critical problems of customers that require immediate solutions. You just have to compare your business idea with the research results.
You already have a product, but there are no sales or they are non-systemic.
You're in luck: you can ask your users in a JTBD interview what job they hired or wanted to hire a product for, and quickly repackage an existing solution into a demanded product.
The course is required for executives, product managers and marketers of growing companies. The Jobs To Be Done methodology is the basis for implementing Growth Hacking processes and helps generate effective business growth hypotheses.
There is no long-term business development strategy. The actions of the team are chaotic.
Based on the JTBD interview, you will be able to determine exactly what jobs users are "hiring" your product for. This knowledge will allow you to understand how to properly develop and advertise it.
You don't know exactly why your product is being bought, and as a result, you can't scale that success.
The Jobs To Be Done methodology will allow you to assemble a puzzle of what kind of product users need in the future how to separate the product in the mind of the client from the products of competitors, what niche in the market to occupy and how to advertise it.
After the Growth Hacking course and starting the hypothesis testing process, you realized that you lacked breakthrough growth hypotheses.
Obvious growth hypotheses quickly run out, and then you need to move on to JTBD research to deeply understand in what contexts and how your product is used. This will allow you to create cool growth hypotheses throughout the AAARRR funnel.
The product backlog is full of "Wishlists" from users, but you don't know for sure which next feature to implement.
Only looking from the user's point of view (and not from the point of view of an existing product) will allow you to understand which jobs need to be solved and which will not be in demand, even before writing the first line of code.

Jobs To Be Done Training

You'll get all the skills needed to discover and leverage customer needs to create in-demand products in 3-6 months

Online Course
July 18, 2022
13:00 (GMT)
Every Wednesday
3.5 hours
Each session
Jobs To Be Done
The Jobs To Be Done research is a deep dive into the value and market niche of a product to create a new version of an existing or brand new in-demand product.

We will focus on the customers' jobs and analyze in detail what Core Job the product is or will be hired for. What emotional and social jobs does the user want to solve? What micro jobs does the client have within Core Job? After that you will define unmet user jobs that require immediate solutions.

Jobs To Be Done VS Customer Development
The methodology of Customer Development and focusing on customer pains is irrevocably outdated, although it brought good results a few years ago. The fact is that the really big customer pains are already covered by existing startups.

New trend: don't look for clients' pains, do the most important jobs for clients. Collect small pains within the Core Job and get it done entirely for the client. The JTBD methodology provides a new perspective on customers, the market and the product through customer jobs that do not change over time/ Only solutions change.
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You will receive at the end of the workshop
  • All course materials: presentations, PDF and online toolsheets
  • Communication in a closed group with course participants. Free hour with course speakers
  • Brochure with key ideas and course tools
  • Course Graduate Certificate
Discovery Team Setup

Discovery Setup is one-on-one coaching with your team of 2 to 4 people with a monthly fee.
Launch a Discovery Team and find customer needs to create in-demand products
in one month with the support of a JTBD Strategy certified coach, guaranteed. Gather a detailed product, marketing strategy for a new product in 3 months.
What is included in support?
  • JTBD Strategy framework fundamentals
  • Assistance for conducting JTBD interviews

  • Assistance in analyzing JTBD interviews
  • Identifying customer needs together with the team
  • Building product and marketing strategies
  • Always on call to remove any constraints in the research process
Corporate training in your company
IF you have gone the way of most companies and have been trying to transform for years. IF several managers have already made various transformations, and this has led to only minor changes. IF you notice that the market is moving faster than you are developing, and no one needs your new products. IF you realize that you do not know how to create a sought-after product without professional help. IF you answered YES to at least one of the “IFs”, then we know how to help you and make your business grow many times over. In no more than 1 month, you will start creating really in-demand products or make changes to existing products with surgical precision so that they start selling.
  • Artem Eremenko
    Expert in Jobs To Be Done, ex-head of JTBD custom research. More than 20 studies for mobile operators, banks, retailers, dating services and startups. An expert in strategic development. Certified Design Sprint facilitator.
  • Nikolay Susolkin
    Jobs To Be Done expert. Trained more than 30 teams in JTBD methodology. Head of Startup Acceleration Department.
Yaroslava Kischuk
Head of Sales (Americas region) at iSandBOX
JTBD workshop helped to look at all the information that we got from our partners and customers from another side and systematize this knowledge. Earlier, we have tried CustDev many times but we always had the impression that it’s lacking. Once we tried the JTBD interview, we managed to receive much more insights.
Victoria Ismailova
Head of Research Center, Social Discovery Ventures
We have a range of well-performing, well-made products. But, unfortunately, they did not show strong significant growth, as we would like. Therefore, we decided to conduct an in-depth Jobs To Be Done study of our users. Find out why they come to our product. Understand how we can best communicate the value of our product. To do this, we asked to conduct a Jobs To Be Done study. As a result of the study, we received a lot of insights and more than 100 hypotheses based on these insights. Then we launched a growth team for us. Metrics increased by 70%. If your company has questions about how to develop your product and grow fast, then Jobs To Be Done is definitely the right tool for you, just what you need”
Julia Bal
Growth Hacking Lead, VEON
Growth Hacking and Jobs To Be Done changed everything. We began to run really fast. We stopped hallucinating about our customers’ needs and began to get their real needs right from their heads. We stopped spending a lot of money on non-converting complaints and began to perform hundreds of experiments to find out what really converted.
We stopped spending months and even years on launching useless products and began to compose and test them very quickly. If this or that doesn’t work, when something goes wrong we send this information to the product owners so they don’t waste time and money for it.